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Support Donate Life California!

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Are you registered as an organ donor? Right now over 21,000 Californians wait for an organ transplant and more than 100,000 are waiting throughout the United States. One third of them will die while waiting on the list to receive a transplant. The wait can be a long and frustrating one, for both the potential recipient and their family. By registering as a donor, you have the ability to save up to 8 lives and enhance the lives of up to 50 more through tissue donation!

If you’re not registered and want to register or you have questions about registering as a donor, please visit Please also give this link out to everyone you know; via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and email so that you can help spread the word! The more people that register, the better the odds that lives will be saved! Even if you have a pink dot pre-printed on your license or ID, it’s a good idea to register with Donate Life California, to make sure your wishes are met.

*Note to non-California residents: Registrations from out-of-state residents are accepted on the Donate Life California Registry and serve as an advance directive in accordance with California state law in the event one’s death occurs in this state. There is no national registry. All matters concerning organ and tissue donation are under the jurisdiction of each state’s respective laws. For information on how to become a donor in other states, go to and click on the state in question.

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Zombie-Related Stuff at Comic-Con!

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

We’ve put together a preliminary list of zombie-related panels, signings, booths, and events for you to check out at Comic-Con. It’s in PDF format and even has room for you to make notes, so you can plan your schedule accordingly. If there is anything we’ve missed, please hit us up on Twitter @sdzombiewalk or comment on this post. We’ll be sure to add things over the next couple days as more signing schedule and booth information is released. In the meantime, download the list and see if anything strikes your rotten fancy!

2010 Comic-Con Zombie Schedule (PDF 2.4MB)

You may also want to snag one of the following limited edition collectibles available at Comic-Con this year:

  • AVATAR PRESS – Booth #2701
    * Zombie Survival Guide Art Print – $10 – 250 pieces
  • DIAMOND COMICS – Booth #2401
    * Walking Dead #75 Retailer Exclusive Comic Book – $4 – 3,000 pieces
  • MEZCO TOYZ – Booth #4145
    * Living Dead Dolls Resurrection IV Died & Doom Two Packs – $20
    * Resurrection IV Hazel & Hattie Two Packs – $20
    * Wonderland 13” Alice with Mini Alice Bundle – $20
    * Wonderland Ex Librus Victus Mortus Set – $20
  • SUPER 7 – Booth #4729
    * Hood Zombie by Brian Flynn (Blue-Green Vinyl w/Dark Blue & White) – $50

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Want to Work at Comic-Con as a Zombie?

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

So… you say you’ve always wanted to be famous? How about achieving a nerd dream of working a booth at Comic-Con in character? We have the chance for you to do both! Click “Read More” for details… (more…)

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