Zombiewalk Safety Guidelines

These are the guidelines we have for every walk. We know this sounds like a bunch of buzzkill rules, but we’re looking out for the best interests of you, the public, and the entire walk group in general. We want to continue holding walks – because they’re FUN! – so these are the guidelines that we ask be followed. The walks have had the same guidelines since we started in San Diego and they are very similar to the guidelines of walks held around the world (and have been the basis for many other groups)… we’re not being fascist, we promise!

* Zombies shuffle and lurch slowly :
Zombies don’t have/use cell phones. Zombies don’t talk or scream or shriek or howl – they moan or grunt. Zombies move in a slow, halted manner and don’t run, skip, or cartwheel.

* Keep blood/makeup/props on your clothing & body :
If you intentionally or unintentionally leave it somewhere else, it can be considered vandalism. You don’t want that ticket. Try not to bring extra blood or supplies with you. If you make a mess, you are legally responsible for it and you may give the walk a bad reputation and will prevent future walks from taking place.

Do not block foot or auto traffic, as it is a safety risk and can also be illegal depending on the situation.

* Don’t approach or touch anyone not associated with the walk :
Keep your hands and feet inside the vehic… keep ’em to yourself and out of people’s faces (do not to reach out at members of the public as we pass them… this is legally considered threatening behavior).

* Please do not lean over any barriers/fences, enter any shops, lean into doorways/entryways, or pound on/touch windows :
These are all borderline illegal behaviors. If law enforcement sees you doing it, they may ticket or arrest you. If they don’t see you, retailers and restaurateurs may lobby to ban zombiewalks because you’re annoying them and their customers, so please refrain from those activities for the sake of future walks.

* Things to leave at home :
– Weapons… No fake ones, no real ones, no imaginary invisible ones. You will be asked to put them back in your car or get rid of them. Zombies do not carry weapons anyway!
– PA systems, stereos, boomboxes, megaphones, etc… Amplified sound requires a permit and isn’t necessary for our walk.
– Alcohol/drugs… We ask that you refrain from partaking in any mind-altering substances before/during the walk, due to public intoxication laws. This includes drinking, smoking, snorting, sniffing, injecting, or whatever method of craziness in which you possibly partake. If you show up under the influence, you’ll be asked to leave immediately. We ask this for your safety and the safety of others, not to mention that being intoxicated tends to make you do stupid things and we don’t want stupid things happening on our walk – the walks are fun enough without being drunk/high, we promise!

* Photographers & Videographers :
We welcome all photographers/videographers and legitimate press/journalists to our events! As long as you don’t stop our group at any time and don’t get in our way or block the flow of regular foot/vehicle traffic, you are welcome to take pictures & video.

You are NOT welcome to sell ANY photos or video you have taken at the walk/event unless you have permission from ZombieWalk:SanDiego in advance AND you have the subject(s)/their guardian(s) sign a model release. If you or anyone you know shoots pictures and/or video, please contact us afterward, so that we can post it (with credit and a link to your site, of course)! Zombies love to see themselves in action.

If you are interested in setting up a private shoot for commercial or portfolio purposes, please contact us and we’d be happy to set something up for you! :)

* Having your photo taken as a participant:
By participating in the walk, you acknowledge that you are aware that face and/or likeness will be posted all over the internet and elsewhere and that you’re cool with it. We will point out our zombie-approved photographers at the beginning of each walk (onward from October 2010).

Please ask for credentials and contact information from anyone taking your photo. Make sure to ask if they are taking it for commercial purposes. This means they will be profiting off of your image in some manner, whether attempting to sell you the print or selling the digital image file to you or other people.

You have a right to refuse to participate in the photograph if it is for commercial purposes and/or if they will not show you their credentials. Do not allow them to tell you differently. Feel free to block the shot (as long as you don’t touch the photographer or their equipment) by holding your hand or a prop up to block your face or by turning your back or by walking away.

We do not encourage commercial photography at our events, because we know you put in a lot of time, effort, and money into outfits & makeup, so we disagree with the idea of photographers being able to make a large profit and not sharing it with you for your hard work. The walks/events are for YOU to have FUN, not for them to pay their bills :)

* Participating in the walk:
By participating in the zombiewalk, you do so at your own risk. Despite providing guidelines and trying our best to make sure that everyone has a good time, we are not responsible for your behavior, activities, or actions; including any injuries or trauma that may occur during your participation.

We do ask that you please follow all laws of the City of San Diego & State of California and please maintain a solid level of courtesy & common sense to refrain from giving the public a negative image of the group. If we see you breaking the law and/or violating these very simple guidelines, you will be asked to leave. If the offense is dangerous or threatening, you will be reported to the nearest law enforcement official.

Again, we’re not trying to be a buzzkill, but we want you to have fun in the most safe & enjoyable manner possible – and we want the public to be entertained by us, not threatened or offended! =)

You can check out more Frequently Groaned Questions here. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask!

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