Comic-Con Zombiewalk & Afterparty Details – Announcement on Tuesday!

December 2012 is allegedly the end of the world? Why wait?! Mark Friday, July 13th on your calendar for the beginning of the zombie apocalypse! We will be adding details for the walk and our after party as they become available.

AFTERPARTY INFORMATION IS COMING ON JUNE 12th! STAY TUNED! We can’t wait to share details with you… this party is going to be on a completely new level of undead mayhem, instilling FEAR into the hearts and minds of those lucky enough to attend!

The walk itself will be free to participate and ALL-AGES, as always.
The afterparty will be free to participate and 21+, immediately following the walk.

There are several reasons – mostly to do with Comic-Con programming and related events (Masquerade being one), as well as offsite events, occurring on Saturday afternoon/night which would diminish attendance at our event – we have decided to hold the walk & afterparty on Friday this year. We are also giving plenty of warning about the day, so people have plenty of time to adjust their schedules as necessary (and if possible), so they can leave work early (if need be) to prepare for the walk.

We understand that we can’t please everyone and have fielded some disappointment about Saturday walks in the past, so we’re giving the Friday people a chance this year… besides… FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH! :D

* As always, the walk is ALL-AGES and FREE of charge to participate. The walk is open to everyone, not just convention attendees! Remember… the more the scarier!

* Please come dressed and made-up as a zombie. If you need makeup/supplies, please visit Gypsy Treasure, in La Mesa, and tell ’em the zombiewalk sent you!

* We strongly encourage you to get creative with your own outfit & makeup BEFORE the walk.

* Public transportation (SDMTS) is readily available. There are also MANY parking lots in the area, but their pricing will be high and spaces are limited. We strongly urge use of public transportation or carpooling.

Please be sure to check out our walk guidelines. They are important to make sure we have a walk that is fun & safe for everyone involved and/or watching… and ensures our ability to continue holding zombiewalks in San Diego. We’ve had a great five years, so let’s make sure we can have many more!

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