Photographing/Videoing the Zombie Horde

Every walk, especially around Comic-Con, we receive many requests from photographers and videographers looking to capture the zombies via their chosen medium. And we are happy to oblige almost all requests, however, we ask photographers and videographers – both professional & amateur – familiarize themselves with the following:

* I’m a photographer/videographer and would like to take pictures of/film the walk. Can I? Where can I go to do this?
Yes, we love photos & video. Zombies are hams and we enjoy playing to the cameras. Unfortunately, we do not have a specific staging area for most of our walks. If we do have one, it will be included in the individual walk details. If there is no such information, please plan on tagging along with the group; remember to not stop our group at any time and don’t block the flow of regular foot/vehicle traffic. Please do not ask zombies – even small groups or individuals – to stop “for a quick picture” along the walk route, as they will fall behind the horde and it creates more chaos than already exists (as well as impeding the flow of traffic).

* Where can I best view the zombies?
This depends on the walk route. We don’t have a regular walk route, other than when we’re in the Gaslamp Quarter. For Comic-Con, we generally stick to 5th Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter. For these walks, we highly suggest patronizing one of the MANY fine eating establishments along 5th Avenue and asking for patio seating. You will get a GREAT view of the zombies and enjoy a delicious meal at the same time!

* Can I take photos or video of your zombies to sell and/or promote my killer item/idea/movie?
You are NOT welcome to use ANY photos or video you have taken at the walk/event for commercial purposes unless you have permission (a signed release) from ZombieWalk:SanDiego in advance AND you have the subject(s)/their guardian(s) sign a model release. If you or anyone you know shoots pictures and/or video for non-commercial or commercial purposes, please contact us afterward, so that we can post it (with credit and a link to your site, of course)! Zombies love to see themselves in action.

* Can I hire your zombies to promote my killer item/idea or participate in my zombie movie/photoshoot/etc.?
YES! We regularly cast zombies from all over southern California, for everything from music videos to movies to web series (+ everything in between) and to participate in guerrilla marketing solutions & promotional events. Feel free to send us a message with specific details on your project and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We’re also available for photoshoots, should your portfolio need some undead awesomeness!

This is what we advise our zombies of, as participants in the walk:

* Having your photo taken as a participant:
By participating in the walk, you acknowledge that you are aware that face and/or likeness will be posted all over the internet and elsewhere and that you’re cool with it. We will point out our zombie-approved photographers at the beginning of each walk (onward from October 2010).

Please ask for credentials and contact information from anyone taking your photo. Make sure to ask if they are taking it for commercial purposes. This means they will be profiting off of your image in some manner, whether attempting to sell you the print or selling the digital image file to you or other people.

You have a right to refuse to participate in the photograph if it is for commercial purposes and/or if they will not show you their credentials. Do not allow them to tell you differently. Feel free to block the shot (as long as you don’t touch the photographer or their equipment) by holding your hand or a prop up to block your face or by turning your back or by walking away.

We do not encourage commercial photography at our events, because we know you put in a lot of time, effort, and money into outfits & makeup, so we disagree with the idea of photographers being able to make a large profit and not sharing it with you for your hard work. The walks/events are for YOU to have FUN, not for them to pay their bills :)


The zombie participants have the right to refuse your photo/video request. Please respect that. Do not chase the zombies, do not ask them to do anything which violates our walk guidelines or actual laws. Use your common sense and be respectful of the horde. We hold these walks for the participants and spectators to have fun. Not so you can pay your bills or get free action shots for your zombie movie from unpaid & uncredited (and unauthorized) extras. If you are press/media, please be sure to credit us properly (ZombieWalk:SanDiego) and consider including a link to our website and/or our Facebook. It would be greatly appreciated.

As long as you are willing to follow the above guidelines, we are more than willing to have you accompany us on our walk and we look forward to eating… errr… meeting you!

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