Frequently Groaned Questions

* When is the next zombiewalk in San Diego?
This page ALWAYS has the latest details for upcoming walks in San Diego. Bookmark it! :D

* Is zombiewalk free?
The zombiewalk itself is ALWAYS free!

* Can someone do my makeup for me?
This situation depends on the walk and can change on an event by event basis. Sometimes makeup artists are available to zombify you before the walk. We will announce what the situation is on our Facebook and this site, well in advance, so you can plan accordingly.

* Can I bring my kids/pets?
Kids: YES! We love ankle-biters! Our walks are open to all undead shufflers, whether they be eight months old or eight centuries old… and we’re even flexible on that!
Pets: While we do welcome pets to our walks, please check to make sure that your pet is acceptable in the location of the walk. Your pet must also be friendly, not easily frightened (due to the crowds involved), and you must follow all laws regarding pets in public (including IMMEDIATELY picking up after your pet).

* Can I enter into the shops we pass on the walk route? What about leaning over fences onto the dining patios?
We dislike saying “no” but this is an emphatic NO! Please do not lean over any barriers/fences, enter any shops, lean into doorways/entryways, or pound on/touch windows. These are all borderline illegal behaviors. If law enforcement sees you doing it, they may ticket or arrest you. If they don’t see you, retailers and restaurateurs may lobby to ban zombiewalks because you’re annoying them and their customers, so we would greatly appreciate if you would please refrain from aforementioned annoying activities, for the sake of future walks.

* Wouldn’t it be fun to freak out the people we pass on the sidewalk/street or in cars?
Keep your hands and feet inside the vehic… keep ‘em to yourself and out of people’s faces (do not to reach out at members of the public as we pass them… this is legally considered threatening behavior). Please stay on the sidewalk and leave cars alone. They are bigger than you and hurt… a lot. Do not block foot or auto traffic, as it is a safety risk and can also be illegal depending on the situation.

* Can I be a survivor/zombie hunter?
Yes, as long as you don’t enter into combat (real or fake) with anyone & leave the weapons at home. We occasionally have designated “victims” at our walk. When this is the case, we will let you know ahead of time and victim recruiting typically happens prior to the walk itself. Otherwise, we do welcome zombie hunters, as long as they’re well-behaved and respect the zombie’s right to freely move about… it is a ZOMBIEwalk, after all ;)

* Can I bring my weapon (fake or real)? What about alcohol? A boombox?
Please leave the following at home:
– Weapons; no fake ones, no real ones, no imaginary invisible ones. Not even a fork (yes, this has happened). You will be asked to put them back in your car or get rid of them. Zombies do not carry weapons anyway! (Note: If this is regarding an SDCC event, please make sure your weapons are NOT realistic and are very visibly marked as being fake & remain holstered at ALL times.)
– PA systems, stereos, boomboxes, megaphones, etc.; amplified sound requires a permit and isn’t necessary for our walk.
– Alcohol/drugs; we ask that you refrain from irresponsibly ingesting any mind-altering substances before/during the walk, due to public intoxication laws. This includes drinking, smoking, snorting, sniffing, injecting, or whatever method of craziness in which you possibly partake. If you show up visibly under the influence, you will be asked to leave immediately. We ask this for your safety and the safety of others, not to mention that being intoxicated tends to make you do stupid things and we don’t want stupid things happening on our walk – the walks are fun enough without being drunk/high, we promise!

* I’m not in San Diego, but I’d like to find a walk group in my area. Where can I go to do that?
We are currently in the process of creating a listing of every active zombiewalk group in the world. Please drop us a line in the meantime and we’ll see what we can find for you!

* I’m a photographer/videographer and would like to take pictures of/film the walk. Can I? Where can I go to do this?
Yes, we love photos & video. Zombies are hams and we enjoy playing to the cameras. Unfortunately, we do not have a specific staging area for most of our walks. If we do have one, it will be included in the individual walk details. If there is no such information, please plan on tagging along with the group; remember to not stop our group at any time and don’t block the flow of regular foot/vehicle traffic. Please visit our walk guidelines page for more information about photography and filming at our walks.

* Where can I best view the zombies?
This depends on the walk route. We don’t have a regular walk route, other than when we’re in the Gaslamp Quarter. For Comic-Con, we generally stick to 5th Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter. For these walks, we highly suggest patronizing one of the MANY fine eating establishments along 5th Avenue and asking for patio seating. You will get a GREAT view of the zombies and enjoy a delicious meal at the same time!

* Can I hire your zombies to promote my killer item/idea or participate in my zombie movie/photoshoot/etc.?
YES! We regularly cast zombies from all over southern California, for everything from music videos to movies to web series (+ everything in between) and participate in guerrilla marketing solutions & promotional events. Feel free to send us a message with specific details on your project and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Where can I get a ZombieWalk:SanDiego t-shirt?
Right here!

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