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Join AMC’s The Walking Dead & Us For an Undead Presidential Campaign Rally!

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Are you a Walking Dead fan? Of COURSE you are! Good news: we’re looking for a few dozen zombies to come hang out downtown with us and AMC on Monday for a lunchtime campaign rally, in support of an undead citizen for PRESIDENT!

How to participate:
– This will take place Monday, August 20, 2012 from 10:45AM until 2:00PM
– Meet at 10:45AM SHARP at the corner of 4th & Broadway (our usual spot), near Sam Goody.
– Be in your undead finest! By finest, we mean really look like a zombie! No shortcuts, please (i.e. no markers or just making up your face… unless your face is the only thing showing outside your clothes)
– Please be a “general” zombie; no licensed characters or masks.
– All ages are welcome to attend and please keep in mind we’re going for a family-friendly atmosphere. If you’re under 18, please bring a parent or guardian with you.
– Feel free to bring signs in the same vein as our #ZOMBIFY movement. Undead rights!
– We’ll have snacks and drinks for you, since it WILL be a lunchtime rally.
– Be ready to cheer/groan for our candidate!

We will potentially be updating with more information over the next few days, so keep an eye on this. You can RSVP at our Facebook event. Please only RSVP “yes” if you are CERTAIN you can attend, as we need to keep an accurate deadcount for the rally. Maybes will not be counted. Thank you!

Please note: this is a promotional event for AMC & The Walking Dead. We are assisting with recruiting zombies for the event. Our guidelines still apply, though, so we need to be on our best undead behavior! :)

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#ZOMBIFY Your Town and Get Party Passes!

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

If you want to attend FEARnet‘s Con of the Dead party, this is your chance!
We’re looking for people to join the #ZOMBIFY movement worldwide and will be launching this spotlight on zombie civil rights during Comic-Con. Right now, we’re looking for living humans who support equality amongst the living and undead to show us where they’ll be launching their own #ZOMBIFY Awareness Campaign.

On Sunday, July 1st, we’ll be giving away thirteen (13) pairs of passes to the Con of the Dead party. If you’d like the chance to win a pair (2) of passes for yourself and a guest to attend the FEARnet Con of the Dead party, which is serving as the afterparty for the March For Undead Rights, you can do one or both of the following tasks:

1. Task One: TWITTER!
– Follow @sdzombiewalk and @FEARnet on Twitter.
– Create a sign which reads: “#ZOMBIFY[yourtown] with @sdzombiewalk & @FEARnet” …replacing [yourtown] with the name of your city.
– Take a picture of yourself holding the sign. Creativity counts!
– Tweet the picture with the following statement: “I want to go to Con of the Dead w/ @sdzombiewalk & @FEARnet! #SDCC #zombifySDCC #zombify[yourtown]” (again, replacing [yourtown] with the name of your city).

2. Task Two: FACEBOOK!
– “Like” ZombieWalk:SanDiego and FEARnet on Facebook.
– Create a sign which reads “#ZOMBIFY[yourtown] with @sdzombiewalk & @FEARnet” …replacing [yourtown] with the name of your city.
– Take a picture of yourself holding the sign. Creativity counts!
– Make the picture your profile picture on Facebook (it must stay your profile picture until at least when the contest ends on the evening of Sunday, July 1st).
– Comment on THIS NOTE telling us that you want to go to Con of the Dead!

The giveaway starts at 4:00PM Pacific on June 27th, 2012 and ends at 4:00PM Pacific on Sunday, July 1st, 2012. We’ll announce the recipients on the evening of July 1st, 2012. ‘

So let’s see where YOU show your love for zombies! #ZOMBIFY!

All the boring stuff you should probably know, in case you choose to participate in the giveaway:Contest begins at 4:00PM Pacific Time on Wednesday, June 27th and ends at 4:00PM Pacific Time on Sunday, July 1st. Recipients will be notified via Facebook and Twitter, no later than 8:00PM Pacific Time on Sunday, July 1st. You must be 21 years of age or older to attend Con of the Dead (same goes for your guest). The party will take place on Friday, July 13th 2012, from 6:00PM until 9:00PM. Entry wristbands must be picked up at a designated location between 10:00AM and 3:00PM on Friday, July 13th 2012. We are not responsible for your transportation to/from the wristband pick-up location, the party venue, to San Diego itself, or for your accommodations in San Diego. Passes are non-transferrable once registration information is received from the recipients. By submitting a photo, you agree to allow ZombieWalk:SanDiego and FEARnet share the picture file via Twitter, Facebook, email, and other methods of display or transfer, without receiving compensation. If all steps are not followed, as written above, entries will be deemed invalid. Invalid entries will not be eligible. Entries are also void where prohibited by law.

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March For Undead Rights at Comic-Con! #ZOMBIFYSDCC!

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Are you ready to #ZOMBIFYSDCC?! We are! Zombies have been exploited in entertainment and media for too long! The undead deserve equal rights and should be treated as fairly as the living actors who portray us in pictures, television shows, movies, and sporting events! We want the right to marry the living as well as the dead. We want access to acceptable memorials should we be offed by rogue zombie hunters; cremating our bodies and/or leaving us by the side of the road isn’t going to cut it anymore. Most importantly, we want a respectable supply of food.

Shunned, starving, and unloved zombies are the past. We, the undead, are the future and we MUST march to secure our rights! While the living occupy for their voices to be heard… we must zombify and it begins during Comic-Con 2012 with America’s Finest Undead at the MARCH FOR UNDEAD RIGHTS!

When discussing the walk and/or sharing pictures, please use the hashtag #zombifysdcc on Twitter, Instagram, etc. so we can spread the word we want equal rights for the undead!

– Friday, July 13th, 2012 @ 5:30PM.
– Arrive at the meeting location beginning at 5:00PM and no later than 5:20PM.
– The zombiewalk begins at 5:30PM sharp, so do NOT be late.
– Please do not arrive any earlier than 4:30PM, as we don’t want to cause a ruckus beforehand.

– We will meet at the corner of 4th & Broadway, in downtown San Diego, to take over the historic Gaslamp Quarter to show the world we aren’t going down without a growl.
– The meeting location is within walking distance of the San Diego Convention Center. If you’re coming from other locations around San Diego, public transportation (SDMTS) is readily available. There are also MANY parking lots in the area, but their pricing will be high and spaces are limited. We strongly urge use of public transportation or carpooling.
– To get to the meeting location from the Convention Center, walk north (straight) up Fifth Avenue until you get to Broadway. Walk one block and cross the street and you will see palm trees in a large open area next to a shopping center. You’re there!
– If you are using public transportation, go to SDMTS and use “Horton Plaza” as your destination. You will find us on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Broadway, near the Sam Goody, outside Horton Plaza and across from the U.S. Grant Hotel.
– Maps…

[click any image to enlarge it]

– We invite zombies to bring signs, placards, and banners advertising zombie rights. Be clever with slogans and demand equal rights for those of us who still shamble among the living. Please refrain from using profanity/explicit language, as there will be many children in our presence. Common sense is important; despite being zombies, we need to show respect in order to get respect from those around us and we thank you in advance for exercising your best judgment with your #ZOMBIFYSDCC signs!
– As always, the walk is ALL-AGES and FREE of charge to participate. The zombiewalk is open to everyone, not just convention attendees, no badges required! Remember… the more the scarier! This is the perfect way to participate in the fun of Comic-Con without actually entering the convention itself, as you get to dress up and be among fun-loving and entertaining individuals from all backgrounds. This is why we put the walk together year after year!
– Please come dressed and made-up as a zombie. If you need makeup/supplies, please visit Gypsy Treasure, in La Mesa, and tell ’em the zombiewalk sent you!
– We strongly encourage you to get creative with your own outfit & makeup BEFORE the walk as there will be NO onsite assistance with zombification. We are working on possible zombification options for you prior to the walk itself… stay tuned for more details.
– Please be sure to check out our walk guidelines. They are important to make sure we have a walk that is fun & safe for everyone involved and/or watching… and ensures our ability to continue holding zombiewalks in San Diego. We’ve had a great six years, so let’s make sure we can have many more!

Please follow us on Twitter for up to the minute news! We’ll see you on July 13th!

Q: Will there be a pre-party/afterparty?
A: AFTERPARTY INFORMATION IS COMING ON JUNE 13th! STAY TUNED! We can’t wait to share details with you… this party is going to be on a completely new level of undead mayhem, instilling FEAR into the hearts and minds of those lucky enough to attend!  AFTERPARTY INFORMATION HERE! More details to come soon!

Q: Will the party be all-ages like the walk or 21+?
A: It will be 21+

Q: Where can I best view the zombies?
A: This is something we are working on for this year. We’ll let you know more details when it pans out. Otherwise… please check our FAQ.

Q: Why Friday instead of Saturday like usual?
A: There are several reasons – mostly to do with Comic-Con programming and related events (Masquerade being one), as well as offsite events, occurring on Saturday afternoon/night which would diminish attendance at our event – we have decided to hold the walk & afterparty on Friday this year. We are also giving plenty of warning about the day, so people have plenty of time to adjust their schedules as necessary (and if possible), so they can leave work early (if need be) to prepare for the walk. We understand that we can’t please everyone and have fielded some disappointment about Saturday walks in the past, so we’re giving the Friday people a chance this year… besides… FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH! :D

Afterparty information coming soon…

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